Rhythm Bluetooth 790

Boost your performance

Powerful EXTRA BASS sound gives you the drive
to boost your performance when playing
sports or jogging.

Sweat and splash-proof

With the enhanced sweat and splash-proof performance, Rhythm Blutooth-790 can handle sweat or splash from drizzle when you’re working out.

Secure fit for sports

Ergonomically designed for a secure and comfortable fit, the rubber secure hooks to grip your ear
and stay in place.

High-fidelity wireless streaming

The high-fidelity Bluetooth makes the high-quality audio without wires for up to hours.

Bluetooth multipoint

Using your headset with two smartphones simultaneously is available on Rhythm Bluetooth-790 with the Bluetooth multipoint technology, one smartphone for work and another for personal use.

Built-in control and In-line microphone

With a handy built-in control, you can enjoy greater control over your music. Play tracks, up the volume and use in-line microphone without ever removing your device from your pocket.

Security and speed

With new, more power efficient and highly secure features, Bluetooth 4.2+EDR provides additional benefits allowing only trusted owners to track device location and confidently pair devices, and it enables 250% faster and more reliable over-the-air data transmission plus 10x more packet capacity.

Up to 4hr playback and battery runtime trackable

Thanks to up to 4hr of playback from a single charge, you can get in a couple of trips to the gym without having to charge. With the battery runtime trackable benefit, checking the current battery level and charging state is definitely a convenient function of your device.

Noise isolating but stay aware of surroundings

Stay aware of your environment while working out means crucially. These headphones allow you to hear ambient sound along with your music, great for outdoor workouts and runs stay alert while enjoying music.

Wearable magnetic fashion design

Using magnetic design clip the earbuds together for convenient storage is one of the humanization design of Rhythm Bluetooth-790, moreover, the full metal element of the earphone makes it also a fashionable decoration around your neck.

Full metal CNC diamond cut technology & 45° deflection
cavity design

The full metal stainless aluminum alloy iron sound chamber and earbud construction are crafted by the CNC diamond cut, with the 45°deflection ergonomic design perfectly fit your ear canal and guard your ear safety while workout.

Compatible with nearly everything

Rhythm Bluetooth 790 is compatible with any Bluetooth device including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad mini, Android,
Windows, Blackberry, PC and Mac, plus gaming devices.

Won't let you down

Tough and durable design means the Rhythm Bluetooth 790 won’t let you down. It is ready for your demanding exercises and workout routines.

Professional reliability test

We believe that premium quality comes from high demanding.